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I blogged for years prior to starting buttonpom. After my business grew beyond my means, I barely had time to come up for air and so blogging took a backseat. Then, I had my son Miles and I took a year long break from buttonpom as well. I am now ready to get back into things, including starting a blog. Since he has been almost my entire life for the past 8.5 months, I thought a sweet little post about his nursery would be a great start to this blog.

Prior to giving birth to my petite gnome, the nursery was my old office. Although I never ended up taking photos of it completely decorated, I do have photos of its bare bones.


I realized after becoming pregnant that buttonpom would probably be placed on hold for a year or so while I focus on our new family. I have since come to terms with the short-term abandonment, and I believe it will be a constructive separation. I was becoming a little jaded and began to not enjoy the process anymore. So, my husband and I boxed up my “creative life” and it now sits in our attic.

Although I had fully intended on finishing my new space before my chouffe was born, he arrived two weeks earlier than we had expected. My to-do list has been uncompleted for eight months. I have new priorities and all appear to focus on my son Miles. I am content with that outcome, though, and it brings me back to the nursery. I now have time to focus on crafting new things for myself, or more specifically, Miles! I have slowly been piecing his nursery together as I never had the chance to complete it before he was born. I originally had the Dwell Studio Hippo pattern decorating his nursery but it felt too monotone for my tastes. Of course, we are still going to rotate this bedding in his nursery but I did not want to focus the decorating all on this theme. So, I decided create a new inspiration board.

Quilt (handmade by me) :: Inspired by CarsonToo
Changing Pad/Sheets :: Dwell Studio Skyline
Bumper Pad (handmade by me) :: Fabric – Zen Garden by Patty Young Sanctuary
Ottoman Pouff (handmade by me) :: Pattern – By Pickles
Chair :: Baxton Studio Letterio White Cradle Rocking Chair

My progress has been sluggish but it is coming together little by little. The next few posts will focus on how I pull it all together. So, bear with this mama!
I imagine I am going to enjoy my return to blogging and I hope I can reconnect with all of those that I had lost touch with over the years.

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